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Hi ,

I am Robin Vandenabeele and I am the photographer responsible for all photographic art found on this website.

I have been passionate about the art of image making and photography for almost 20 years now.
I started out in the era of film photography and moved on to digital when the image quality was up to par. I still work with both film and digital cameras to produce my work as both convey different moods. I believe it is a matter of choosing the right tool for the right job.

As a photographer I produce 2 distinct types of works:

As an image taker:
This is where I wander this old earth of ours and record what attracts my attention. These works are basically snapshots of the world around us as I see it.
These works are regularly licensed for commercial uses as book covers, album covers, greeting cards, etc ..

As an image maker:
For these works I also wander around looking for suitable subjects, mostly landscapes and architecture, but I use a bespoke in-camera double exposure technique which can yield amazing abstract and surrealistic results when applied with care to the right subject . This is my fine art work and it is usually sold through galleries as limited edition prints.

Thank you for visiting my website.
Should you have any questions or want to purchase or license one of my works, do not hesitate to contact me.