I was born in the city of Brugge in Belgium and grew up on the rural countryside surrounding it, roaming the flatlands as a youth and living a carefree life exploring the few fields, creeks and woods the area had left.
After a rather unsuccesfull attempt at schooling I soon started work as a stagehand, helping out building festivals, concerts and events.
I found myself enjoying this job and the unorthodox crowd populating that world so much, it felt like I had come home after a long voyage.
Since then I have held the position of audiovisual technician, touring stagebuilder, location manager, rigger, setbuilder among about half a dozen other job profiles.
Having had a keen interest in visual arts since a young age and a head bubbling with creativity a desire manifested itself to create something of my own. Photography was chosen as a vehicle to try and fulfill that desire.
Starting way back in the days of analog film photography I managed to produce a wide variety of interesting works but was still far from creating a coherent series.
It is only years later, when experimenting with handheld multiple exposures using a simple toy camera, that one of the results pleased me so much I decided to pursue and expand on the experiment.
Since then I have been creating double exposure photographs all around the world, as well as in my hometown.
I have been further refining this technique and learning which subjects work well and which don’t and I now have a large catalogue of highly original photographs with a very distinct visual style that is easily recognised.
To this day I am still exploring this technique and I aim to keep creating artworks that will carry my vision over to the viewer.

I hope you enjoy my creations,

Robin Vandenabeele